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Dress Code

Leestown Personal Appearance/Dress Code

Leestown Middle School respects students’ rights to express themselves in the way they dress. The goal of the personal appearance/dress code is to help foster respect for the school community by dressing appropriately for an educational environment. These guidelines are intended to provide guidance for students, staff and parents.

Acceptable Clothing Includes:
● Pants, shorts, capris and skirts worn at the waist so no underwear or undershorts are visible.
● Tops with shoulder straps. Jerseys or tank tops worn with a sleeved undershirt
● Tennis shoes, boots or dress shoes, sandals with ankle strap
● Shorts or skirts that are no higher than the width of a dollar bill length above the knee (2 ½ inches above the knee)
● All rips and tears above the knee must be covered with no visible skin exposed.
● Sweatshirts and tops without hood
● Student IDs will be worn above the waist and with the picture visible.

Unacceptable Clothing Includes:
● Clothing with obscenities, vulgarities, profane language, double meanings, drug, alcohol, gang related or ethnic or racially offensive stereotypical or discriminatory language or images
● Visible undergarments, pajamas, jerseys or tank tops worn without an undershirt
● Hats, bandanas, do rags, sunglasses (including novelty glasses)
● Hair picks or combs worn in the hair
● House shoes, athletic slide shoes, flip flops or shoes without an ankle strap
● Sweatshirt with hood (hoodie)
● Pajamas or blankets

*Outerwear (coats, scarfs, gloves), must be stored in lockers during the day. Students may wear sweatshirts (with no hood), sweaters or light jackets*

With major violations (holes in clothing exposing skin, revealing clothing, clothing with profanity, etc.), parents will have to bring a change of clothing.
Note: For personal appearance issues not addressed above, the administrative team reserves the final decision.