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Cell Phone Policy

Leestown Cell Phone Policy

According to the Fayette County Schools Cell Phone Policy:

  • Personal electronic devices shall not be used, turned on nor activated by students while attending school-sponsored or school-related activities that are held during the instructional day.
  • If students are asked by the teacher to use phone for instructional purposes, it should be turned off and fully put away at the end of that class. Earbuds should also be put away and not worn between classes.
  • Cell phone use shall not be used as teacher rewards.
  • Cell phones in use will be confiscated even if the student is speaking or texting with a parent.
  • Staff members are not responsible for any device that is lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Leestown staff members have the right to confiscate any electronic device or item that is in violation of this policy.

These devices will remain in the possession of the administrative team until a parent/guardian has been notified according to the guidelines below.

1st Violation - Confiscation of the device returned the same day to the student after notifying the parents.

2nd Violation-Confiscation of the device and returned to the parent after 3 school days.

3rd Violation-Confiscation of the device and returned to the parent after 5 school days.

4th Violation-Appropriate consequences determined by the principal as outlined in Behavior Consequences Chart

Parents will be notified any time a cell phone is confiscated.  The front office keeps a running record of each student and cell phone violations if they occur.

If a cell phone is out, for ANY reason, it may be confiscated.  If a student refuses to comply with the request for confiscation, it will be an automatic suspension from school.