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Afternoon Pick-Up Procedure

Dismissal Pick Up Procedure


We start our afternoon announcements at 3:50, so car riders will not exit the building until 3:55. If your child will be a car rider, it will be best to arrive at 3:55 or later.

For emergency purposes, we will need to leave lanes open in the front of the building the majority of the school day; therefore, we cannot allow access to the car rider line until after 3:30pm. Lanes will be blocked off until then. If you arrive in the parking lot before 3:30pm, you will need to find a parking spot until we open access to the car rider line.

When picking up your child in the car rider line, please follow the procedures below:

Afternoon student pick-up procedure --CAR RIDERS (Very Important Information) In order to facilitate an afternoon car rider pick up line that is safe and efficient, please follow LMS procedures for afternoon pick up:

If you will be picking up your child in a car, we will use two lines to load. For safety, we do not want students crossing traffic or walking into the parking lot unattended. We will have teachers that will supervise students as we stop traffic to safely load students into cars. If your child is not in your car or outside when we release the pick up line traffic, we ask that you pull back around and re-enter the pick up line. This allows the car pick up line traffic to keep moving. Thank you for your understanding!


  • Stand behind the “line” on the sidewalk and look for car.
  • Stand under the awning or if weather permits along the sidewalk.
  • Remain on the sidewalk until you are released to enter the loading zone.
  • There are two loading lanes. The loading lanes extend from the crosswalk to the end of the awning or if weather permits to the end of the sidewalk.
  • ONLY load during the signaled "loading time". Once "GO LOAD" is announced students will enter the loading lanes and get into their car.
  • Once most cars are loaded in the loading zone "STOP LOAD" is called and cars will be released to exit the parking lot.
  • Once cars are released/moving students will not be permitted to enter the loading zone.
  • DO NOT enter the parking lot unsupervised. Parents must park, walk to the crosswalk, then walk to the sidewalk to retrieve the student.


  • Remain in your car while in the loading zone.
  • If the loading zone car line begins to move forward/exit and you suddenly locate the student standing on the sidewalk, continue driving forward and loop around the parking lot. DO NOT stop and ask the student to get into the car once the cars in the loading zone have begun to move forward.
  • A driver may not have a student in their car when the line begins to move forward. The driver will be asked to loop around the parking lot to reenter the loading zone. Cars can re-enter the loading zone by staying in the left-hand lane.
  • Loaded cars may exit the parking lot by keeping to the right.
  • Parents who park in the parking lot should use the crosswalk to gain access to the sidewalk. Parents DO NOT cross the loading zone.